March 12, 2007

write a peice of writing by henry  and andy telling us about himself.

About Andy

My name is Andy and i am 20 years old. I am very excited at the moment because I have just gotten engaged, I cant wait to start my own family,  have also just found out that i am going to be a father to another women, i  feel pretty guilty about, i really dont know how i am going to tell my fiance, family and friends. I am scared to think what the will think of me.  But aside from that I am leaving for war soon, Im not sure what im feeling I have a weird feeling, I think war will be good im sure what to expect, I reckon it will big advernture and hopfully I can learn somethings along the way. 

About Henry

My name is Henry Lyon, i am 19 years old i have just finished high school and i want to go to Uni to study to become a Lawyer. I think im a pretty layd-back back person and i love to hang out with my friends and to relax at beach and go surfing. I have only just broke up with my girlfriend Marcelle. I kinda feel a bit mad  breaking up with Marcelle.  Also I have lost a good friend of mine, Trot, I feel as though things cant get any worse.. I hadnt known Trot for a long time but i got along with him really well and am really sad to loose him. Soon I’ll be travelling overseas to where the first world war was, I am going with Trot’s girlfriend Janine. I have gotten to know her really well.  I have been reading her great grandfather Andy Lansells diary and found it rather interesting. I am excited and very interested in this trip, i think it should be a fantastic experience and to spend it with Janine will be great.

what does the title ‘boys of blood and bone’ tell us? discuss these themes and characters.


what can we learn about the book’s themes by looking at the characters of henry and andy?

March 12, 2007

Andy and Henry: Characters and Themes  

What can we learn about the book’s themes by looking at the characters of Henry and Andy?

We learn that Henry and Andy are both typical  Australians from their time Henry is very layed back, he likes hanging out with his friends and his dosent have many responabilites, Henry seems to put his friends first instead of spending time with his girlfriend. Andy is a fighter, he went to war and risked his own life for his countr.  Andy felt very guilty when he found out he was going to become a father to another women and he was pretty worried about what his family, friends and his fiance would think of him.this book basically tells us alot about fighting, surviving conflict, relationships and Australian identity.



March 12, 2007

What different reasons do characters give for enlisting.

That they want to help fight for their country.  Some thought it would be a fun adventure.

What do you think of the behaviour of the Australian troops in Egypt?  What was the attitude of the Australian soldiers to the British? What do these things tell us about what it means to be Australian.

The Australian troops behaviour in Egypt was they thought they controlled the place, they didn’t seem care that much.  Australian troops seemed to mock and make fun of the British troops they thought they were stuck up snobs, they thought they were a joke and that Australians are fun and laid back, that they have a sense of humour.

What character, Frank or Archie best represents the Anzac Legend? Explain why you chose the one you did.

i think they both represent the Anzac legend.  Archie’s character is probably what people would think of as an typical Anzac fighting on the front-line.

 Why do you think the two heroes on the other side of this sheet have been chosen to typify the ‘Australian hero’?

Both of the men had very different roles in the army and both represented their country.  John who collected injured men and carried them back to safety, putting his own life at rest to safe others.  Thomas who fought and ran straight through a firing line of machine guns to throw grenades. they are both looked at as heroes because they stopped at nothing to fight and help their country.



March 2, 2007

Surviving conflict

-Young men leaving everything behind

– Andy has to watch friends die

– Henry dealing with break up with Marcelle

– Andy’s relationship with two women and baby

Rites of Passage


–  going to war

– becoming a father


-breaking up with marcelle

-death of Trot henry has to come to terms with friends death for the first time.

-leaving school

-gets his first job

– he has to come to terms with the outside world / real world.

– both are leaving ‘comfort zone’ to become adults.

Australian identity

– country people vs city people

– andy vs henry

– andy the brave and noble Anzac fighting for his counrty.

– henry is sof, looked after by parents and dosnt have much useful genral knowledge.

– modern australians are a bit lost a bit slack

– two different images

-through andy’s diary, henry becomes a bit more useful.

-modern australians can learn from past.



February 11, 2007

What is the cartoon at the top of this post suggesting about the citizenship test? 

That imagrants that come over to australia, most of them have no idea about australia and have to start taking a test to learn about australia and how to speak english, if they want to live here.   

What are some of the reasons given for the introduction of the citizenship test?

i think the introduction of the test is to see if people are worthly of living in australia.

What are some reasons given for people who are against the idea of the citizenship?

People who are against the test are saying that they should be taught how to speak english and about our country, they think that this test is making australia look its agianst multi culutral and making it look hard to become an citizen. 

Which arguments do you find more convincing? Explain why. What was the White Australia Policy?

i found the arguement for the test most convincing, yes we are a multi cultral country.  people coming to live in australia should know how to speak english and now about australia, same as if we wanted to move over to asia we would have to learn how to speak their languse but because are an inviting and lovely counrty we have put up with non english speaking people in our counrty well it has to be put to an end. 

Research. What do you think the writer of this piece thinks of the citizenship test:

The writer of this peice proberly thinks its  a good idea to have the test to inforce people wanting to live and become a citziten know english.


46 and 2

February 2, 2007

733182.jpgLast time I saw a face like yours, I fed it a banana.


I love to chat, just not with you.


If at first you don?t succeed maybe failing is your thing.


It’s national loser week! I’m so glad to see that you’re participating!


Mirrors don’t talk but lucky for you they don’t laugh either.


 Help conserve oxygen… kill yourself!


So many people… So few bullets.


The world isn’t big enough for the two of us. So please go jump off a bridge.


Remember Jesus loves you… Everyone else thinks you’re an idiot